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I hesitated on whether to include a copy of this short series of lessons on the subject of clock repairs and restorations.  They were written back in the 1980s in support of an evening class that my present day tutor attended, and these lessons formed the basis upon which he learned the skill. Skip forward to today, and he has now started up a U3A (University of the 3rd Age) class for retired folk using the same set of lessons in support. Whilst his sessions that I attend aren't a taught class as such, the booklet does help in learning the basics in what is essentially a practical clock "dismantle and clean" session for all attendees.

The lessons in the booklet do have a focus on clocks that will be found in the UK market just because that is where the class was based. But as I have found since, most clocks have shared components albeit in different shapes and sizes, but the principle of operation is frequently much the same.

Anyway, I hope they may offer some guidance for you, and they are free to download and peruse (in pdf format). Please don't re edit them or sell them on for profit, that is not the spirit in which I am offering them out. They are the copyright of the original author who has not objected to my freshening up the type face and re inking the illustrations of his, by now, much photocopied and faded worksheets.

Rob Lawton

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