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Fixing up old clocks is my hobby

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Postmans Clock 1850 Ogee American clock 1860 German Box Clock 1930 English Art Deco mantel 1930s Art Deco Mantel Westminster chime 1930 Edwardian Mantel clock Brass Travel Clock 1920s Art Deco Mantel Westminster chime 1930 Jantar USSR wall clock 1975 1950s Striking mantel clock Art Deco bedside clock 1930 rounded 1950s mantel clock French Mantel clock 1890s Junghans bracket clock 1890 Junghans cottage clock 1890s
So what's it about ?
This site showcases some of my clocks that I have either acquired or inherited. I am not a trained horologist, far from it, but I attend a clock maintenance class for retired folk and using only basic hand tools we are shown how to dismantle, clean and restore to working order the clocks that we bring along. Clearly there have been some that without engineering tools we cannot get back to working order. They have been very few and far between.

On top of that I like to restore the clock cases, hopefully keeping the patina of age but bringing out the best in the woods and veneers that have been used in their making. In the description of each of the clocks that follows, I set out what I needed to do to bring the clock movement to working order and to restore it's case .

In the Resources page I include a small booklet that our class has used to guide us through the various aspects of repair and maintenance. It is offered as is, and is not intended to be a technical guide for horologists. Please do not sell it on or change it in any way out of respect for the original class tutor who produced it back in the 1980s
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